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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Our CNC Plasma Cutter buying guide is the best point to begin when you start to look for your next or first CNC Plasma Cutting machine. Our CNC Plasma Cutters are quality build and super affordable for all your profile cutting needs. What is the best CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for your business? Knowing your requirements is an essential facet when trying to find the best CNC Plasma Cutter that is perfectly suitable for your business. The requirements that you need to bear in mind include: The material you need to cut The thickness of the material The largest size of your raw material sheet The quality required of the cutting The next step for the cutouts Advanced Machinery offers four main types of CNC Plasma Cutters for sale: CNC Plasma Cutter Suitable for making metal-arts, signage frames, trailers, gates etc. that mainly require cutting mild steel, up to 10mm with low precision and low productively; Standard CNC Plasma Cutter Suitable for small workshops and/or engineering companies for all kinds of general purpose cutting; Large Size CNC Plasma Cutter The much larger working area and thicker cutting ability than standard means that the Large Size CNC Plasma Cutter is suitable for middle size engineering companies; Ultimate CNC Plasma Cutter This market leading cutter provides you with high-definition cutting quality, from the thickest materials in the fastest time. Since our CNC Plasma Cutter is quality build and super affordable, our clients often say "that's not bad" after hearing about our prices. So if you have funding and require the quality and speed that the Ultimate CNC cutter has to offer, please go to our CNC Plasma. It's simply the most advanced CNC cutter on the market. Plasma Cutting Thickness & Materials When you choose the thickness, use Pierce thickness value for your decision making. If you demand a better cutting quality on mild steel, use the Virtually Dross-free cutting thickness value. It's always preferred to start from the edge, but when you cannot start from the edge of the plate, for example: cutting a hole, you have to pierce through the metal plate first.If you cannot pierce through a metal place, you cannot cut.